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Complimentary Tours

Conference tours are complementary for speakers, moderators, and IUBMB together with FAOBMB council members.

National Palace Museum and Yangmingshan National Park
[Yangmingshan National Park]
Because of the latitude and altitude, Yangmingshan National Park locates in subtropical and temperate climate zones. February and March in spring are traditional flower seasons of Yangmingshan. The colorful azalea flowers and Taiwan cherry flowers cover the mountains with red carpet as decoration of the gloomy winter land. Under the caressing of southwest monsoon in summer, there are sometimes thunder showers in the afternoon. When the sky becomes clear, a rainbow will often appears across the valley in mountains, adding the beauty of Yangmingshan after the rain. In October, autumn comes. The silver grass forms a wind-sweeping sea; later, the maple tree gradually becomes red and some leaves become golden, creating a well-known landscape of “Tatun Autumn.” If great cold snap comes to the mountain, Mt. Cising and Mt. Jhuzih would be covered by snow. In Yangmingshan National Park which bases mainly on Tatun volcanic group, there are well-known special geological landscapes such as cinder-cone or tholoide volcano, crater, and crater lakes.

[National Palace Museum]
The collection of cultural treasures in National Palace Museum is the world-famous cultural heritage. From imperial collection to civil items, the National Palace Museum inherits collections from almost five thousand years of Chinese culture throughout history, and makes it unique in world civilizations. Among 650,000 collections in the museum, most of them are collections of former Chinese imperial family, dated from Song Dynasty 1000 years ago. They are also promoting digital archive, digital museum and digital learning programs to create a museum without walls. The various dining service, movie theaters and culture stores make the museum part of people’s life in addition to a place for appreciating ancient and modern art works.

08:00 Departure from Academia Sinica
09:00 Arrive at Yangmingshan Park
12:00 Lunch (Special restaurant in Yangmingshan-Songchu Garden)
13:30 National Palace Museum
16:00 Return

1. Meals:Breakfast/not included,Lunch/Songchu Garden,Dinner/not included
2. Please feel free to go to Shilin Night Market by yourself after visiting National Palace Museum.

Jiufen, the hidden mountain city and the golden time of Jinguashi
[Jiufen Old Street, the legend of gold]
During Qing Dynasty, Jiufen was famous for gold industry. There were many people who came to Taiwan just to extract gold, but since the gold became rarer and rarer, the extractors left and leaving this mountain city with declination and depression. After two movies, “A City of Sadness” and “Hill of No Return,” were filmed in Jiufen, tourists started to visit Jiufen and appreciate its seasonal landscape and recall the memory of its golden times. The most special feature of Jiufen is the houses and streets that winding along the mountains and hills. When you visit there, it’s as if you were walking on the roofs. Most of the streets in Jiufen are narrow, and the Jishan Street is the most prosperous one among all. Most of the shops gather on this street and sale various kinds of local snacks, such as taro dumpling, meatball, Grandma fish ball and herbal rice cake. Every store has its own history and specialty, especially those tea houses. You definitely don’t want to miss them.

[Gold Museum]
The Gold Museum locates in the mountain city of Jinguashi in Ruifang Distric, New Taipei City. It contains rich historical and natural resources, and is the first museum focused on the concept of ecology museum in Taiwan. They use poetic calligraphy to display the mysterious atmosphere of Tea Pot Mountain and demonstrate the natural and relaxing feature of the Gold Museum. The spinning calligraphic “G” contains two meanings; one is “gold” which means Gold Ecological Park; the other is “Green” which means that the museum combines many human resources to develop a lively museum and to pass on the tradition continuously.

The name may sound strange to you but you must have heard or seen other tourist sites such as Shuinandong smelter, Golden Waterfall or Yintang Sea. Located on Liandong gulf of the coastal highway system, Shuinandong mine factory was built next to the mountain like an abandoned old city and belonged to Taiwan Gold Company. It exists as a proof of the mine history of gold industry. In addition to those three spots, on the way to Shuinandong from Jinguashi, there is a well-known S-shape road that you should experience by sitting on the car. Moreover, there is a dead flue which lies along the mountain. The deaf flue was a pipe for the copper smelter to give out smoke from the factory. It’s said to be the longest dead flue in the world.

08:30 Departure from Academia Sinica
09:30 Gold Museum and Shanben fifth mine tunnel experience
11;30 Juifen Old Street (Lunch at local cuisine in Juifen), Shengping Theater, Shuchi Road, and Chinbian Road
15:00 Shuinandong, Golden Waterfall, and Yingyang Sea
16:30 Say good-bye to the beautiful mountain city and gather your souvenir. Be ready to go home.

1. Meals:Breakfast/not included,Lunch/local cuisine in Jiufen,Dinner/not included

Other Conference Tours
Travel Agency will present a booth during the coference, those who are interested in the selected open tours are welcome to register on site or contact travel agent Ms. Lin at

Lala Mountain, Baling, Xiaowulai, and Daxi
[Mt. Daguan (Mt. Lala) Nature Reserve]
It locates between Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County and Wulai District, New Taipei City. The original name of the mountain was Mt. Lala, but it was changed to Mt. Daguan in 1975, which means “beautiful” in Atayal language. The air in this mountain is the freshest in Northern Taiwan. Since it was established in 1986, the nature reserve area covers mountains in Baling which is the famous mountain area belonged to the nation. In Daguan Nature Reserve, there are Taiwan cypress giant trees, beech trees, Taiwan yellow cedars, Formosa black bears, macaques, Mikado Pheasants, and sambars which are all listed as protected species. If you ever visit Daguan Nature Reserve, don’t forget to breathe in the phytoncid and observe the secret of wildlife.

[Baling suspension bridge]
This suspension bridge locates in the Northern Cross-island Highway between Sule and Baling, and there are two tunnel linked respectively in the beginning and end of the bridge. The Baling suspension bridge adopts aerial tramway to construct wooden frame on both sides of the bridge in order to support the wire rope. And then the concrete anchor bolt was settled to fix the supporting wire ropes. Finally, the bridge and ropeway were suspended from two sides simultaneously to the center section by section, and then combine on top of the vault, creating the imaginary view of Baling Suspension Bridge.

[Xiaowulai Skywalk]
It locates in Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County, stands next to Wind-Moving Rock and suspends above Xiaowulai Waterfall. In order to realize the dream of walking in the clouds for visitors, Taoyuan Country Government spends 8 million NTD to build this skywalk.
The design looks simple and sharp and adopts geometry line decoration with a tempered glass structure. The skywalk stretches out for 11 meters in the air. Stand on the glass stage which is 70 meters high above the waterfall, and you can appreciate the beautiful river valley and the great waterfall of Xiaowulai.

[Daxi Old Street]
The famous Daxi Old Street mainly includes three historical streets—Heping Road, Chungshan Road, and Chungyang Road. The street area is big and the buildings and archway were all preserved well. The old street are formed by stores; and just like traditional shopping streets in early Taiwan, they were all “street houses” which are narrow but deep houses connected one by another. The residences are usually made by red-brick archway and red-brick houses, while the stores use European style carved stones to make the arched door and beams with complex and luxurious carved pictures, presenting a Baroque style archway. Even though the river transportation industry has fallen by now, these three historical streets still preserved their original appearance well. The delicious snacks hidden in the town streets also enrich the trip to Daxi Old Street.

The cost differs with each vehicle type.

  • Vehicle with less than 8 seats: NTD$2400/person
  • Vehicle with 8~25 seats: NTD$2200/person
  • Vehicle with 24~45 seats: NTD$ 2000/person
  1. The bus driver would also serve as the tour guide in groups of less than 9 people.
  2. It requires at least 5 people to make a group; otherwise the tour group may be canceled.
  3. Meals:Breakfast/not included,Lunch/local cuisine,Dinner/not included
  4. The expense includes:
    • Round-trip bus ticket
    • Local cuisine lunch
    • Entrance ticket of Xiaowulai skywalk
    • One bottle of water on the bus
    • 2 million contractual liability insurance and 200 thousand accident insurance

08:00 Depart from Taipei
09:40 Mt. Daguan (Mt. Lala) Nature Reserve
12:00 Lunch at local cuisine of Mt. Lala
13:00 Baling Suspension Bridge and the Xiawulai skywalk
15:30 Daxi Old Street
17:30 Return

Xitou Forest Recreation Area, Ming Shan Resort-the Elf Village
[Xitou Forest Recreation Area]
The pure and graceful bamboo forest surrounded you on two sides, swinging and welcoming your visit to Xitou. The scale of the forest is up to 2500 acres with a perfect forest trail for you to observe various ecological landscapes and enjoy the forest sonata of sweet bird singing and worm humming. In the forest between 1000 meters altitude and 2000 meters altitude, it is filled with clouds and fogs all year long which add romantic and sensual beauty to the place especially at dawn and in the evening during all four seasons.

[Xitou Ming Shan Resort]
The Resort covers more than 25 thousand square meters in the mountains. In addition to four residential buildings next to the mountain, we also created a fairy tale forest with 20 villas of different styles surrounded by Chinese fir trees for visitors to enjoy the fresh air in the woods and the atmosphere of fairy worlds. We have various facilities including a Chinese restaurant, a banquet hall, meeting rooms, art exhibition center, Family Mart convenience store, and Japanese shopping street (Elf Village, Matsu district). All these make here the best place for a family trip.

[Elf Village]
There are all kinds of special products and souvenir, boutique shops, local snacks and even street artists singing on holidays. In order to provide more entertainment and resting places for visitors, “The Second Matsu District” will be displayed in May, 2014. We adopt the original Japanese style from Matsu District and hang up red lanterns; furthermore, there will be three special tea houses in this two-level wood house.

The cost differs with each vehicle type.

  • Vehicle with less than 8 seats: NTD$2400/person
  • Vehicle with 8~25 seats: NTD$2200/person
  • Vehicle with 24~45 seats: NTD$ 2000/person
  1. The bus driver would also serve as the tour guide in groups of less than 9 people.
  2. It requires at least 5 people to make a group; otherwise the tour group may be canceled.
  3. Meals:Breakfast/not included,Lunch/local cuisine in Jiufen,Dinner/not included
  4. The expense includes:
    • Round-trip bus ticket
    • Local cuisine lunch
    • Entrance ticket of Xitou Forest Recreation Area
    • One bottle of water on the bus
    • 2 million contractual liability insurance and 200 thousand accident insurance

08:00 Departure from Taipei
11:30 Lunch, Tingtou Villa
13:00 Xitou Forest Recreation Area, Skywalk, University Pond, Plant Evolution Exploring Area, and Giant Tree
15:00 Ming Shan Resort-Elf Village
16:00 Return
19:30 Arrive at the place of departure

Two-day trip of Sun Moon Lake and Qingjing Veterans Farm
[Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area]
Sun Moon Lake is one of Taiwan’s most famous tourist sites known to the world, and is also the biggest lake in Taiwan with extensive scale and shiny green water. With the nature beauty, culture, and leisure and tourism industry resource, Sun Moon Lake has become a well-known and most potential natural tourist site. The beauty of Sun Moon Lake begins at dawn and lasts till evening during four seasons, no matter it’s sunny or raining; the fascinating figure of the lake would definitely amaze the tourist and make you sigh with astonishment. The Sun Moon Lake is surrounded by mountains and the water reflects just like a mirror, making a splendid view with unique culture resources which are known both inside and outside of our country.

[The Qingjing Veterans Farm]
The farm is a place with cool weather where spring lasts forever during whole year and surrounded by clouds. In addition to various kinds of agriculture products, there’s green grass with European atmosphere and therefore earns a beautiful name as “an ideal world in fogs.” Known as the greatest mountain tourist site in Taiwan, the Qingjing Veterans Farm features its grassland and trails where you can touch and feed the sheep. The sheep shearing show is also an interesting event that you don’t want to miss.

[Chung Tai Chan Monastery]
The Chung Tai Chan Monastery is located in Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. It was built in 1994 and has extended more than 80 branches in Taiwan by now where regular religious practice activities are held. It is a great temple of Western and Asian style as well as Buddhism. Being one of the greatest Buddhism buildings, the peak of the temple is especially breath-taking and astonishing. Additionally, the space design and equipment inside the temple are all carefully planned and arranged, including the meditation room, Four Heavenly King’s Hall, the Buddha Hall, the Hall of the Buddha of the past, present, and the future, the lecture hall, the meeting room, the kitchen, the dining room and the Bodhi Park for the Buddhist to worship Buddha.

NTD$9500/person for a double room.

  1. It requires at least 4 people to make a group; otherwise the tour group may be canceled.
  2. The expense includes:
    • Round-trip bus ticket and toll fee
    • Hotel expense for one night (double room)
    • Meals:Breakfast in the hotel, two lunch meals, and one dinner
    • Entrance ticket of each tourist site during the tour
    • 2 million contractual liability insurance and 200 thousand accident insurance
  3. The expense DOES NOT includes:
    • Any extra expense that is NOT listed in the schedule
    • Tips for hotel room cleaning or luggage
    • VISA expense
    • Any personal expense, such as over-weight luggage, hotel room service, laundry, telephone/telegram fee and personal transportation fee.

Day 1
08:00 Departure from Taipei
10:30 Chun Tai Chan Monastery
12:00 Lunch, local cuisine
13:30 Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area (The Thao boat trip)

    Xuanguang Temple, Xuanzhan Temple, Ci’en Pagoda, Shuiwatou Trail
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Hotel check-in
Hotel: Energy Home Vacation Village or Shangrila Hanging Garden & Resort or other hotel of the same level dishes
Day 2
Breakfast in the hotel
08:00 Gathering and departure
09:00 Qingjing Veterans Farm (Evergreen Grassland and Small Swiss Garden)
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Puli Brewery
16:00 Return
18:30 Arrive at the place of departure

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February 15
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August 31, 2014
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August 31, 2014

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April 30, 2014
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