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Abstract Submission Deadline
Poster presenters are required to submit their poster abstract before August 31, 2014 via the registration system; the poster number will be announced before September 15, 2014.
* Notice that the Conference reserves the right to process content screening.

Poster Preparation
The maximum size of poster should be 90 cm x 120 cm, in portrait style.

Optional Poster Printing Service
If poster presenters are unable or inconvenient to bring their own poster to the venue, the Conference provides fee-paying printing service. An administration fee of 1800 NTD (approximately 60 US dollars) shall be charged for each poster.
For poster presenters should utilize the service, they are required to contact the Conference email via for further application and payment. Poster presenters are required to send their poster file BOTH in pdf and original format before September 30, 2014. Please name the file and the email title as “Lastname_Firstname_2014IUBMB”. Poster file size up to 15 MB is acceptable.

Poster Set-up
Poster presenters can find their poster session and poster number in the agenda book or on bulletin board.
A poster board number on poster display board indicates the location of assigned poster display. Please do NOT remove the number.
Basic set-up tools will be provided by the Conference; however, poster presenters are advised to bring their own stationary kits.

Poster Presentation
Only presenters who have participated in the project may present posters at the conference. If none of the authors are available to attend the conference, the poster must be withdrawn from presentation.

Poster Removal
Posters must be removed immediately following the session. Any poster materials left behind will be discarded after the close of the poster session. Any trash or unwanted materials should be placed in the receptacles provided.

No additional furniture or special equipment will be permitted. If poster presenters have medical conditions that require them to sit down during their presentation, please notify the Conference in advance by sending an email to .

Registration open:
February 15
Abstract submission deadline:
August 31, 2014
Early bird registration:
August 31, 2014

YSP application:
April 30, 2014
YSP winner announcement:
June 10, 2014



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